Property Conversions

If you are considering expanding your property, but dont have the external space for an extension, you might want to consider getting a property conversion. Look no further! The Nexus team have been converting property spaces for many years all over North Yorkshire, with a strong penchant for quality and details. There are many different types of property conversions we can diligently carry out for you to improve the value of your home or commercial premises. Certain property conversions can benifit from a reduced rate of VAT, sometimes saving £1000’s. Please get in touch for more details

HMO, Flats & Hotel Conversions

As we have a large team in house, converting and renovating large properties is our speciality. Our team consists of all the trades needed to complete a project of any size. Projects are scheduled to run smoothly and efficiently, all the labour needed are managed in house, meaning the right tradesmen turn up at the right time. This helps projects to be completed on time and in budget, we believe this is what makes us stand out from our competitors and why why customers continue to use our services.

Garage Conversions

Many properties are built with garages. However, for the modern homeowner, these garages often represent utility space that could be better used as living space. That is where our expertise comes in! If you feel that this is the case for your garage then our garage conversion service could be a good option for you to consider; this will help you to make the best use of space that may have otherwise not been used to its best potential.

Loft Conversions

If you need more space in your property, perhaps for an additional bedroom or study, then loft conversions could be the right choice for you. We can carry out loft conversions that help to maximise the amount of space in your property, which is vital for so many people nowadays and gaining popularity fast. Why move house when you could just create your own new space by having a loft conversion done by our tried and proven team of Joiners and Builders?

Barn Conversions

As one of the most extreme conversions, full barn conversions are a great way to get a characterful home from an existing building, and are a breed of work challenge our team eagerly welcomes! Barn conversions are rapidly gaining in popularity due to their quaint and welcoming aesthetics and their uniqueness.

As such, if you have a redundant barn on your property and want to convert it into residential use, don’t delay; contact our team today, as we may be able to help you make your dreams into a reality! We find that barns are usually reduced VAT conversions as well, which helps to make them incredibly affordable for you, especially when backed by our quality work promise!

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