Industrial Electricians Scarborough

Do you require a modern Hi- bay/Low-bay LED lighting solution for your factory? Need help fitting a new factory line or power to a new machine? Nexus has the experience necessary to carry out any industrial electrical installation works in a manufacturing setting.

Industrial Electrical Installations Scarborough

  • Industrial Lighting Electricians Scarborough

    There is now a whole range of Hi-Bay & Low-Bay LED lighting solutions available for industrial and production premises. The lights offer high light output and low energy usage and often run on less than a quarter of the energy of existing Hi/Low-Bay lighting. We offer rewire and retrofit solutions for our industrial customers. As well as this we offer a whole range of lighting solution for your office and staff/visitor areas.

  • Industrial Power Electricians Scarborough

    Together we will design and fit an electrical system that is right for your business.
    We will work with other contractors where necessary to get the result you need. We believe that customer communication is key to delivering projects on time, in budget and to specification. Our work is always carried out to the highest standard.

Industrial Inspection, Testing & Fault Finding Scarborough

All of our installations come with a full Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) or Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWC) to ensure they meet current regulations and are safety tested. We also carry out testing and inspection and provide certification for existing installations as well as locating and repairing electrical faults.

Ensuring Electrical Safety Everywhere we go

  • Electrical Inspection Scarborough

    We carry out visual inspection to check earthing, functionality of switches and isolation devices, suitability of fuses, cable sizes & enclosures and if any dangers are present throughout your entire Electrical Installation.

  • Electrical Testing Scarborough

    Using our calibrated equipment we perform rigorous tests on the wiring of your electrical installation to check that your installation is electrically sound and therefore safe to use.

  • Electrical Fault Finding

    Should you smell burning or have an electrical circuit that is nuisance tripping contact us immediately and we will quickly remedy your electrical fault and make your installation safe.

  • Remedial Works

    Should any problems with your installation get flagged during testing we can quickly remedy the issues with little disruption to you. We will give you the costing and get started upon approval.

Industrial Emergency Lighting Scarborough

Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. We adhere to BS 5266-1: 2011 when installing and testing emergency lighting in manufacturing plants, power plants and all industrial buildings.

Lighting the way in an Emergency

  • Planning

    We can work with Architects, Designers or direct with the customer to ensure the emergency lighting in a building meets current regulations and client needs.

  • Product Choice

    We have installed all types of emergency lighting. We can help you choose the lights that meet your needs, your budget and if necessary your property aesthetics.

  • Installation

    Whether a new installation or additions to an existing install we will ensure the lights are sited with the utmost care and consideration for the surroundings and in accordance with current regulations.

  • Testing

    We can perform annual tests on your emergency lights to ensure they perform to standard and provide you with certification for your insurance.

Industrial Security Systems Scarborough

Whether you need to secure your property from intruders or protect it from fire we can install what you need. We are highly experienced and qualified in installing an array of security products in an industrial setting.

Security? We’ve Got You Covered!

  • CCTV

    For our industrial customers we install IP CCTV Systems allowing remote viewing from any location and also from mobile devices. We also offer systems with camera movement/telemetry.

  • Fire Alarms

    We install Addressable Fire Alarm Systems for our industrial clients. This allows accurate pin point detection locations and enables our customers to minimise injury and damage in the unfortunate event of a fire.

  • Door Access

    Our industrial clients require a whole range of door/gate entry devices for staff and visitors. We cater for this by offering tailored access solutions that meets individual needs.

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