General Building

These days, more and more people are turning to building their own homes over purchasing existing properties; that’s where our passionate team of veteran tradesmen builders comes in. We can offer more flexible pricing and produce the most ideal and lasting home for you and your family. Our general building comes with a firm assurance of quality and a staunch dedication to safety, regulation adherence, and design mastery. If you want your home built from scratch, there is a lot to consider. We are here to help you every step of the way!
Our general builders regularly tackle a wide variety of construction applications and project types around the Scarborough area. When you need a quality new house erected, an extension added to an existing house, or more, we are here and happy to serve to meet all of your construction needs with quality and proficiency you can always rely on.

New Builds

We can construct houses from scratch with a versatile and wide array of world-class materials at very competitive prices. Our home builders build in accordance with your exact specifications and all appropriate regulations. There are many advantages to choosing to have new builds with our team over buying a pre-existing house.

New builds come with your ease of mind that all of the plumbing and electrical systems are state of the art and masterfully installed painstakingly by our qualified, highly experienced builders and tradesmen. Our costs are more flexible overall compared to a real estate broker. Of equal importance, we build for you! Our team will work with you closely so you have full power over the design and feel of your new home-to-be from top to bottom.


Our house builders are quite adept at constructing extensions to existing houses as part of our general building scope. Whatever kind of extension idea you have, we want to build it for you! If you have an old building, our new extensions can be built to match or even surpass the original construction in quality whilst not clashing with the original architectural style.

We have just as expansive experience with and will gladly work on newer houses as well to meet your needs. Our skills and attention to detail will lend your house more functionality, space, and character that reflects your taste and preference. Whatever your expansion needs or desires, you deserve only the best in extension building in Scarborough.

Brick Laying

Be it foundations, yard and garden paths brick walls or more that you desire, our general builders are well-versed in brick laying. Whilst it is a common undertaking by modern house builders, our team particularly excels at the trade, with an emphasis on quality from start to finish.

If you wish to employ brickwork in some or all of your future home’s construction or just around the garden, we are here to help. Our team looks forward to fulfilling your vision with a dependable skill and courtesy for your property and its overall quality of life!


Critical to your home, our general builders can also take on the task of roof construction and weatherproofing. Many roofing options exist, and we can handle almost any material and style you want! We can install traditional gabled, sloped roofs to flat roofing and modern GRP roofing. Fibreglass GRP roofing is a particularly attractive, efficient and cost effective option for garages and extensions. Whatever material you want installed to fit your needs, our roofs are amongst the most versatile, strong, and long-lasting in all of Scarborough. We want you to have a quality roof that is worthy of the family and home it protects!

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