Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR’s) Scarborough

Otherwise known as Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate or Periodic Electrical Inspection, EICR’s are a series of visual inspections and electrical tests carried out to discover the condition of an electrical installation. We offer EICR’s to all property types listed.

Who Should have an (EICR) and when?

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    Swimming Pools, Caravan Parks, Hospital Medical Areas, Petrol Stations, Launderettes, Marinas & Fish Farms.

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    3 Yearly or Occupancy Change

    Factories, Cinemas, Leisure complexes, Places of Public Entertainment, Theatres, Agricultural, Horticultural & Carvans.

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    5 Yearly or Occupancy Change

    Rental Properties, Residential, Commercial, Education, Hospital General Areas, Offices, Shops, Laboratories, Churches, Restaurants, Hotels, Public Houses & Community Centres.

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    10 Yearly or Occupancy Change

    Domestic Properties/Home Owners.

Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC’s) Scarborough

An Electrical Installation Certificate is provided to every customer upon completion of an electrical installation. The certificate confirms that your installation has been designed, constructed and tested in accordance with BS 7671.

When Will You Recieve an EIC

  • Property Rewire

    If your property is rewired you will receive a full Electrical Installation Certificate

  • New Build

    If you have a new build property you will receive a full Electrical Installation Certificate.

  • New Consumer Unit

    If you have a new consumer unit fitted you will receive a full Electrical Installation Certificate.

  • New Circuits

    If you have new circuits added to a consumer unit you will receive a partial Electrical Installation Certificate.

Emergency Lighting Certificates Scarborough

A test for the full rated duration of the emergency lights (e.g. 3 hours) must be carried out. The emergency lights must still be working at the end of this test to receive certification. Lights failing to meet the requirements must be replaced. A Fire Safety Log Book will be provided to keep track of tests and work done during tests.


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    Residential Premises

    Residential Homes, Nursing Homes, Multi Occupancy Properties, Educational Residential Halls, Residential Medical Facilities & Hotels.

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    Commercial Premises

    Shops, Shopping Centres, Offices, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Theatres, Cinemas, Venues, Community Centres, Leisure Complexes, Churches, Laboratories, Swimming Pools, Caravan Parks, Hospitals, Petrol Stations, Launderettes, Education Facilities, Marinas & Fish Farms.

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    Industrial Premises

    Manufacturing Plants, Power Plants, Gas Plants, Breweries & Mines

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    Transport Premises

    Airports, Train Stations, Tube Stations, Bus Stations, Tunnels & Ferry/Shipping Ports.

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